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Skrevet af Søren Winther Hansen   
Fredag, 07 April 2017 00:00

We would like to share some views on why Contender sailors want to join the World Championship in Sønderborg in July 2017. We have asked women, youth, newbies in the class and some of the top-ten candidates, so stay tuned… This is the third interview in the category " Woman".

Name: Frederikke Mikkelsen
Age 27
4 years in Contender class
Category: Woman

Why do you want to join the World Championship in Sønderborg?
It is a great chance to compete in a big fleet, but more importantly I look forward to spending a week with the other sailors.

Tell about your preparations?
My preparations so far are non-existing, since I had a baby 8 months ago and I haven’t really been on the water for a year. But I plan to start sailing 1-2 times a week from now on and I joined a fitness centre. So hopefully I will have time to get back in shape.

Do you have any goals in terms of results or personal achievements?
There is a couple of Danish sailors that I used to consider my competitors in a race, and for me it would be great if I can still keep up with them after more than a year off the water. To be realistic I will probably be in the back of the fleet, but on the upside there is usually a really nice atmosphere in the back of the fleet.

Are you planning on doing any tourist activities or bringing family to Sønderborg?
I will be bringing my little boy and my parents who have been nice and offered to come along and babysit him. My husband might also come by for a couple of days.

What do you think will be the most challenging for you racing in Sønderborg?
For me the most challenging part will be if the there is a lots of wind, since my physique is lacking at the moment. I also find it a bit scary to navigate around so many Contenders, so for me the starts will be a bit stressful.

What are your expectations to the social part on shore of the World Championship?
I expect the on shore social part to be an important part of the Worlds. In my experience people are really open and helpful and it is a good chance to get some good advice from the more experienced sailors. Since I don’t have high ambitions for the races, I expect to find time to enjoy a cold beer on the harbor in the afternoon.