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Worlds 2017
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Skrevet af Søren Winther Hansen   
Mandag, 24 Juli 2017 17:38

Contender Worlds 2017 are finished.

See the results of pre-worlds and worlds


Danish championship (pre-worlds)

World championship 2017

Jason Bebee wins and Mark Bulka takes second in both.

The only change in top-three is that Simon Musell takes third in the pre worlds, whereras Jesper Nielsen takes third in the worlds.


Once again thank you to Sønderborg Yachtclub (SYC) for running an excellent wolrd championship!!

Mark, Jason and Jesper (left to right) on the podium

Contender Worlds 2017 PDF Udskriv Email
Skrevet af Søren Winther Hansen   
Torsdag, 22 Juni 2017 00:00

Contender worlds 2017 will take place in Sønderborg Denmark July 12th - July 21st


Official information concerning racing (Notice of race, sailing instructions, other messages, entries, results etc) to be read on manage-to-sail as follows

Danish Nationals (pre-worlds) July 12-14th 2017

World championship: July 15-21st 2017


All practical information and social information will be posted on the website of sønderborg yacht club

Information, questions, answers, smalltalk etc. to be found om facebook-group

Contender World Championship 2017 - Denmark

Contender Worlds 2017 Denmark PDF Udskriv Email
Skrevet af Søren Winther Hansen   
Mandag, 29 Maj 2017 00:00


In July 2017 the International Contender World Championships shall be hosted by Sønderborg Yachtclub (SYC), located just north of the German – Danish border.

Notice og race and entry

Notice of race published and entry is open for worlds 2017.


New: Last chance for early entry fee postponed until July 10th

Danish Nationals (pre-worlds) July 12-14th 2017

Early: 75,00 euro or 500,00 DKK

Late: 90,00 euro or 650,00 DKK

World championship: July 15-21st 2017

Early: 275,00 euro or 2.000,00 DKK

Late: 325,00 euro or 2.375,00 DKK



Contender “fun for all”

If you are a contendersailor no need to say more. If not a contendersailor go and be convinced.




Bay of Sønderborg

Launching from either the slipway in the leisure-harbour in Sønderborg or the neighbouring sand-beach.





Danish Nationals: 12th-14th July

Registration and measurement: 15th-16th July

Dates for racing: 17th-21st July

Offcial information

Notice of race (NOR), Sailing instructions, entry, etc. to be read on manage to sail



Many option: Hotel, B&B, hostels, cabin, or tent/caravan on the neigbouring campsite

See yourself on www.visitsonderborg.com





  • Germany (at the German - Danish border another 15 km on autobahn, turn right towards “Sønderborg”, 25 km on autobahn and you pass the bridge across “Alssund”, turn right and continue to the leisure-harbour)
  • Amsterdam (660 km)
  • Hook of Holland (720 km)
  • Calais (950 km)
  • Garda (1330 km)


  • Copenhagen airport connecting to Sønderborg airport
  • Billund airport (130 km)
  • Hamburg airport (230 km)


Weather conditions to expect during summer


Variable, but two main-scenarios



If a high pressure system is sitting on Denmark you can expect quite stable rather nice and calm conditions.
  • Air temperature: at day 20-25 C
  • Water temperature: climbing towards 20 C
  • Sun/rain: Sunny and hardly any rain
  • Wind: Variable in strenght and mostly to the low side and the wind might come from east, south or west. Sea breeze from south to west might occur.


If low-pressure systems are travelling across Europe you can expect more chilly air and stronger winds.

  • Air temperature: at day 15-20 C
  • Water temperature: 15-20 C
  • Sun/rain: showers and sun alternating
  • Wind:Mostly westerly og southernly winds from a few to 10-12 meters per second. Rarely above.


Meters per scond to knots : Multiply by two


Danish met-office actual forecast "Sønderborg"



Sønderborg is situated on both sides of the beautiful “Alssund”, which seperates the island of “Als” from the peninsula of “Jylland”


Next to the harbour a sandy beach, good for children.


Less than five minutes by foot north of the harbour you’ll find Sønderborg Castle. Impressive medieval castle. King Christian II of Denmark spent 17 years imprisoned on the castle from 1532 after his was deposed.


Just across the straight “Dybbøl Mill” and “Dybbøl fortress”. The fiercest fighting in the German - Danish war i 1864 took place at this site. Visitors center: Learn about the complex German - Danish history in this frontierland and the war in 1864 and walk the remains of the fortifications.


The Danish countryside can be described as neat: Fields and forests alternating, mostly well and orderly maintained and a lot of islands and water, nowhere more than 50 kilometers to the sea. But don’t expect any rocks, high hills not to say mountains. Nowhere 200 meters above sealevel.


On the island of Als the industrial company “Danfoss” was founded and still got it’s headquarters and “Danfoss Universe” learn about science and engineering in a playful manner. 25 kilometers.


Legoland: Lego bricks, lego exhibition and lego amusementpark for children. Not necessary to say more. 140 kilometers away in Billund.



Contender worlds 2017 facebook

Visit sonderborg

Danish met-office actual forecast “Sønderborg”

Sønderborg Yachtclub (SYC)

Worlds 2009 Sønderborg

GER 551 Christoph Homeier around the bottom mark in style.

2017 you do it - Contender "fun for all"

Jesper Nielsen to win world championship 2017 PDF Udskriv Email
Skrevet af Søren Winther Hansen   
Lørdag, 20 Maj 2017 17:52

We would like to share some views on why Contender sailors want to join the World Championship in Sønderborg in July 2017. We have asked women, youths, newbies and one of the top-ten candidates in the class… This is the fifth interview (and last) in the top-ten category.

Name: Jesper Nielsen

Age: 30. 7 years in the Contender class

Category: Top-ten candidate


Why do you want to join the World Championship in Sønderborg?
Because I want to win! It’s my home turf. I started my sailing career here and have been sailing here ever since. I started in the Optimist, Europe and the 470. After I started sailing the Contender, I never looked back.

Tell us about your preparations?
Being in a physically good shape is quite important, especially as we have free pumping in +10 knots, so I go to the gym 2-3 times a week. Søren tells me that he is pretty sure I am one of the strongest in the fleet, and he never dared having a push-up challenge against me. This year, I will come 100% prepared. We have already had two training sessions with a professional coach. We have also planned a spring training session with the fastest German sailors in Sønderborg. I will race the Dümmer regatta, SailExtreme, Kieler Woche and of cause the Danish Nationals. I usually sail twice a week, mainly on my own, and it’s a good opportunity to really get my maneuvers perfect. Professionally, I work as a sail designer at Elvstrøm sails, so I have of course designed my own sails. It has been a fun process, and I can say that I really know my sails and how to trim them in any condition.

Do you have any goals in terms of results or personal achievements?
My goal is to win. My main advantage is the same as Søren’s, which is that I have no real weak points. I am fast in light, medium and heavy wind. My boat handling is close to perfect, I have good tactical skills, my physical strength is top notch and I know the area.

Are you planning on doing any tourist activities or bringing your family to Sønderborg?

I live here, so no tourist plans ;-)
My mother and father will come and look, as will my girlfriend and daughter naturally.

What do you think will be the most challenging for you racing in Sønderborg?
If the dolphins from last year are there again, they might steal my focus ;-)
Sailing-wise it’s really one of the best places to sail in Northern Europe. In general, it’s always good sailing, the winds are rarely the same two days in a row. It can be shifty, it can be stable, it can be high winds and high waves (the rather famous picture of GER-551 taking off is taken here Sønderborg). So, the best way to prepare, is to be prepared for any condition.

What are your expectations to the social part on shore of the World Championship?

Surely, I will attend the activities, Sønderborg Yacht Club is famous for its social arrangements, so I can guarantee that everybody will have a great time on shore!

Peter: Why participate at the worlds 2017? PDF Udskriv Email
Skrevet af Søren Winther Hansen   
Tirsdag, 02 Maj 2017 18:30

We would like to share some views on why Contender sailors want to join the World Championship in Sønderborg in July 2017. We have asked women, youth, newbies in the class and some of the top-ten candidates, so stay tuned… This is the forth interview in the category "Youth".

Name: Peter Schafft
Age: 15. 1 year in Contender class
Level: Youth

Why do you want to join the World Championship in Sønderborg?
I want to join because I want to gain experience in big fleets and learn some tricks from other sailors.

Tell about your preparations?
I´m training one to three times a week with my brother and other Contender sailors from my club.

Do you have any goals in terms of results or personal achievements?
I´m looking forward to have some good races in silver fleet and also to become a better sailor after the event.

What are your expectations to the social part on shore of the World Championship?
I think the social part of the event will be great! Just like the Danish Championship last year and all the other events.